Sonora Grace

I can be quite a sadist with a pension for pleasuring thru pain, tease and denial, humiliation, or oh so fun predicament bondage. I am also quite the sensual domme. As an avid energy worker, yoga practitioner and dancer, the body is my playground. I dwell in the space between energy, body and breath, adoring body worship with special attention to my legs, feet, and peachy sweet ass. If you are lucky, perhaps you’ll get a taste of my wicked sense of humor and harmonic laugh.

Charli & Margeaux

 Whether you're exploring a new side of yourself, or you're a seasoned player, we would love to satisfy your favorite kinks. We are by no means traditional mistresses or dominatrices, but we love to indulge in a variety of inclinations with an exuberant play partner.
    We prefer not to be limited by the titles of “dominant” or “submissive”, though we can assume both with ease, and quite wickedly. Fluidity is our greatest joy in kink. Come with us and see what is possible when the labels are thrown off and we have a chance to engage in true, deep, play.

Charli & Margeaux 

Andri Winters

I thrive on stirring up intensity, exploring edges, and finding deep connection. Alternatively, sometimes we just want to have a fun, light, sexy time together! My creativity as an artist informs the way I craft heightened experiences in kink play. Intensity pleases me greatly. A beautifully crafted scene pleases me. Breaking someone and nurturing them back together pleases me. True devotion and the break down of a submissive's ego deeply please me. Navigate to my site to see a list of interests!

p.s. I have a soft spot for fetishists.

Mistress ValGlory

More info to follow!

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